Rovers on Venus – What Happens?

Venus is known to be an extremely hostile environment, with sulfuric clouds, extremely hot temperatures, and immense atmospheric pressure making it a less-than-ideal destination for colonization. But to what extent have we explored its surface? Have we landed rovers on it?

Surprisingly enough, we have landed quite a few rovers on its surface! The Russian space program Venera, which operated from 1961 to 1984, saw ten successful landings on Venus’ surface (two of which were also part of 1984’s Vega mission). As expected, these landings were extremely short lived, with their lifespans ranging from around twenty minutes to a few hours. Yet in spite of this, the Russians were able to gather valuable date (and a few photos as well!). It’s fascinating to think they were able to build machines that could operate (albeit for a short time) in such hostile conditions. It makes you wonder what kind of technology we could develop in the future in order to further unlock Venus’ secrets.

An image of Venus’ surface taken from a Vega rover.

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