How Do We Understand the Size of Our Universe?

It is hard for us to truly fathom the sheer size of our universe, this is clear- the distances involved are simply too big to comprehend with just the human mind. But we have begun to understand the nature of this size, and order the magnitudes of the universe in ways we can understand. The general set of references used is thus:

  1. Earth.
  2. The solar system.
  3. The solar interstellar neighborhood. These are all suns close to us.
  4. The Milky Way Galaxy.
  5. The local galactic group. This is the cluster of all galaxies close to us.
  6. The Virgo Supercluster. This is a massive cluster of countless galactic groups and clusters.
  7. Local superclusters. A huge network of innumerable superclusters.
  8. The observable universe.

The size can be overwhelming at times- but with ordering and establishing references, one can surmise the general size of the universe quite easily!

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